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Apply 3D LUT - Your videos with the look you want

Choose from Dozens of Lookup Tables included or load almost any compatible
Cinec 4.0 includes the ability to apply a LUT over your videos, a LUT is like a preset that transforms your video look to another one
It comes with a dozen of LUTs including from Fujifilm, Kodak and some others, but you can download almost virtually any LUT from over the internet and load onto your clips using Cinec.

Supported LUT from AfterEffects, Iridas, DaVinci and more

This will allow you to provide a Cinematic color to your videos, a Broadcast TV spot tune, or virtually any look, providing that on the web out there are dozens of look-up-tables ready for use with Cinec..

Cut / Trim videos, faster than Live

Almost instantly
Cinec allows you to cut or trim videos. This will allow you to save time and disk space by removing unnecesary pictures. All this operation can be done instantly.

You can load a big file, eg a 1080p or even a 4K file, then set start and end position according to your needs, then select the preset "As Original" then press the encode button, you will get the file with new duration, by starting and ending at the moments you selected, almost instantly.

By using this feature you will save a lot of time.
It is also interesting in some other cases; e.g. you need to send a sample to some, e.g. a uncompressed file, but there's no space for, well, just simply load the clip, cut or trim, select the preset "As Original" and voiala.

Other e.g. when you want to encode to e.g. prores (good choice for editing), in that case output will be not instantly (cause you're encoding to) but you'll get video encoded in a standard userfriendly format, and just with the images you've been looking for. Use cinec for convert videos or for cut / trim/ remove motion picture fromwithin. Just select start and end positions. This job can be done almost instantly if you choose the preset 'AS Original' (suited for that intention, this preset does not compress)   To use this feature simply move the slider start position (upper one) and the end position, while doing that, you'll see that the 2 thumbnails areas reflect changes by updating the picture at the positions. You can adjust the position at exact values just by using the numerical values, which represent the frames (frame by frame).

Motion Picture Control Adjustments


You can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation and gamma of the videos you're going to encode.

Simply, before conversion, select the one clip in which you want to apply the adjustments (select in the grid), then press the Preview button and you will see both the original and a preview of the output with the Motion Picture Adjustments (MPA) applied.

You can change the MPA by using the mouse or scroll wheel (then click) from Knobs dedicated for. Another feature is that near this knobs are a Led that will be displayed as green when some adjustment has been made. Also by clicking on those leds you'll get back to default values.  Easy than ever !

Slow - Motion - High Speed

Cinec allows you set the framerate of the videos (FPS) and the speed of the clips (velocity)
Create interesting motion effects,  both for slow-motion or by turning up your gear speed.


Almost instantly
Cinec allows you to cut or trim videos. This will allow you to save time and disk space by removing unnecesary pictures.

Split videos

Another feature of Cinec 4.0 is the ability to crop a portion of a video. Say you can split a 4K video in 4 full HD videos portions. One example: You have 4 FHD cameras, you can record into one 4k recorder using four inputs to record the videos from the 4 cameras into 1 video of 4K, then you get that 4k video and split in 4 different FHD videos, this will allow you to use ONE 4K recorder instead of FOUR FHD recorders.


Includes Text or Image (logos) overlay features that allows users to put a text or logo over any video for branding, watermarking, etc.. It is possible to add any text, picture or even a animated movie or logo to overlay your videos.


The Preview button open a dual preview monitors area on the upper side of the main windows of Cinec.main windows of Cinec.

  • You can switch the monitors to fit screen, zoom, center picture
  • Show / hide preview monitors by simply click on the dedicated Button
  • Move start position slider to reflect updates on monitors
  • (2nd monitor show MPA settings if applied)


Create movies from images sequences

RAW Editor
This tools allows Cinemartin to create movies from a sequence of still images (pictures).

It supports stills from TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, Cinema DNG and DPX
Open the Raw editor (Ctr + R), add the files by Drag and drop or by loading an entire directory (Ctrl + D) (just suited for your camera folders), you can add an audio file, then make the conversion to valid files (if needed; e.g. for CinemaDng files. Not needed for DPX, TIF, JPG) and press the OK button. This will get you back to the main window, with the button "Images SEQ." enabled (to go again go forward the RAW windows). Main window will allow you to specify how many frames per second do you want the movie will be created of (framerate), then select a preset like e.g. prores, and press "Encode" to create your movie a a couple of seconds.

Click to open the image with a bigger size RAW editor and Movie from Stills feature is a great tool if you're building animated graphics, cause there's a Quicktime Animation preset supporting alpha transparency.

The perfect tool for CinemaDNG camera users like Blackmagic Cinema Production Camera, Blackmagic 2.7 and 4K or pocket camcorder.
The perfect superb quality solution for Convergent Design Odissey 7Q recorder (Sony FS700, FS100, etc ..).

Adjust if needed, and simply get your files (your video) to your favorite easy to use / and good quality format for use on NLE's (Adobe Premiere, Avide Media, Sony Vegas, ..).  You can add an audio file for the video, audio input formats are: WAV, MP3, AAC, M4A
For cinema DNG files you can also adjust the Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Gamma and White values.


Requeriments : Only a 'normal' computer with Windows

A great point of Cinemartin Cinec is that it does not require a High Performance Computer (well it is great to have an HPC, you'll save more time but it is not required).

Cinec runs or normal computers with all Windows versions from XP in both 32 & 64 bits environments. Normal on these days are a dual Intel or AMD cpu's based PC.

Did you see any encoder running on a labtop ?, Cinec, yes, it runs even on Windows 8.1 tablets like the Surface Pro 3

NOTE: Xeon cpu are not reccommended for H265 encoding as it has limited outputs to 1080P and not 4K and beyond. For 4K or more Haswell, HAswell Refresh and later (Broadwell and skylake) are reccommended.
Cinec is compatible with Windows XP, windows 7, windows 8 and windows 8.1. On desktop computers, labtop and tablets.

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CINEC SUPPORTED INPUT FILE FORMATS: avi, mov, wmv, mp4, r3d, mpeg, dpx, dng, gif, jpg, tif, mts, m2ts, 3gp, mj2, wav, mp3, aac, m4a


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