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How it works

In this webpage you'll find how to split / trim your files to fit your edit requirements, how to adjust Motion Picture by manipulation of the gamma, brightess, contrast and more, how to convert your videos with Cinemartin Cinec video converter, and how to create a movie from a sequence of stills and alpha stills. Just play to watch the video.

Built to be intuitive, easy & powerful

You'll notice that no manual or instructions are need to know how to operate Cinec, this is cause the app its simple and has been developed with that in mind, with sliders, checkboxes, knobs, big buttons, and so on.
Here are the basic steps for some of the possibilities:
Convert a video to another format
  • Load the video (by drag and drop or menu File --> open, open directory)
  • Choose the output preset
  • Press "Encode"

Convert XAVC (eg from Sony PXW-Z100) to HEVC H265

Visit the special web that cinec has for the h265
  • Load the video
  • Choose the output preset as H.265 (one of the three options; max quality, best ratio, or less size as possible)
  • Press "Encode"
  • A 10 seconds of 3840 x 2160 took around 5 minutes to convert this 290MB XAVC file to a mere 1.5MB with no much visible differences. Go tothe above link for +info.

Create a video from a sequence of images
  • Go tomenu File --> Add Images RAW Sequence
  • On the new windows add the pictures by going to menu File
    • If sources are in CinemaDNG format you can adjust the levels of brightness,contrast, gamma, saturation, color grades and also the White Balance
    • For some kind of sources -like CinemaDng- you need to Encode that pictures to valid ones, as will tell you the grid of the app., for do that simply press the Encode button
  • Press OK, you'll return to main window
  • Set the appropiate framerate, choose an output codec and press Encode
You can attach an audio to the movie creation, on the RAW video window.
You can encode from alpha images with output to transparent videos by selecting Quicktime Animation as output preset.
Cut / trim
  • Load the video
  • Move the sliders to set the Start and End Positions
    • If your objective is to reduce the size of the clip while preserving the format, select the preset "As Original"
  • Press "Encode"

Adjust Motion Picture levels (MPA)
  • Load the video
  • Check the box Enable on the bottom of the knobs
  • Get a preview by clicking on the preview dual screen monitor button
  • Make your adjustments for gamma, brightness, contrast, saturation
  • Press "Encode"

Create a Slow-Motion
  • Load the video
  • Set the velocity to 50% or less
  • Press "Encode"

Create a High-Speed video
  • Load the video
  • Set the velocity to 200%
  • Press "Encode"

Save your time is on our mind


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CINEC SUPPORTED INPUT FILE FORMATS: avi, mov, wmv, mp4, r3d, mpeg, dpx, dng, gif, jpg, tif, mts, m2ts, 3gp, mj2, wav, mp3, aac, m4a


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