2011 June, 06 CINEMARTIN

Cinemartin is proud to announce the release of a new 4:2:2 HDMI Uncompressed & Open codec video recorder suited for Sony NEX-FS100 & Panasonic AF100 (among other camcorders). Will be released in July-August from a base price of sub 2.595€ and will be hardware upgradeable to 1080p60.

This leverage cinema-video-broadcast recorder / powerfull multi-task tool, with affordable price and advanced features has been made possible thanks to new agreements with providers and the efforts of Cinemartin for the film community.

Cinemartin SFVe along with its recording no-limit storage possibilities is builded based on last intel among others high tech custom components. Runs on a Microsoft O.S. and allows both PC & MAC users to have the clips recorded both in .avi or .mov quicktime compatible files ready for edit in any of the most common NLE editors like: A. Premiere, Final Cut, Sony Vegas pro, etc ..

Great time for the video industry.

Record, instant backup, transcode, edit, move in seconds, monitor, etc ..

Portable, dockable and supporting DC or Battery mount

A complete system

*photo engineering sample

Following benefits provided:

Devices builded for quality & productivity.
Cinemartin SFVe enable users to record in Uncompressed cinema format or in state of the art codecs like cineform among others. Developed using open codec arquitecture. Simply get the best quality for your shoots.

Save hundred's in media storage
Cinemartin SFVe allows the use of spinning cheap drives for recording in uncompressed 4:2:2

2x hot swappable 2.5" drive bay
No space left on drive ¿?, just change/add and continue recording. Standard non-propietary drives.

Save time, don't spent all day transfering files
Avoid long hours transfering files to your computer using older ports (firewire,usb2,..). Just transfer your files using the 2x superspeed USB 3.0 included ports. Best of, simply get your files instant ready for edit by simply removing your drives from the 2x2.5" bay and simply dock to your computer.

Speed up the job
You can always use the Cinemartin recorders as a computer, a powerfull computer intel sandy bridge based Quad processor.

High brightness 7 inch monitor
Touchable 400 nits adjustable bright

Fast, fast
Integrated Sata 6G raid controller for speeds of up to 1TB/s - 770MB/s (read - write) using 2x ssd drives

Portable, dockable & with battery support
Just made for video

Following videos of the many operationals:

Intro, selecting recording format, record, playback

Media: No drive space left ¿?... just add any drive realtime

Switching the area of visibility from full controls to full screen

Available to pre-order from 14 June, production is limited and units will be released on August or before.