GOOD(YES)BYE Cinemartin

This is the end .. (The Doors) .. but not, this is not at all, this is not the end, but the last stage as a filmmaking company.

We leave the filmmaking community we served for about a decade. Our tier mother company leaves us with no option

A brief history:

Alejandro B. Martin, born on barcelona on the late 70's, was a software developer, he has many certificares (MCP, MCTS), won many awards (best company invoices app, EGESE in 2006 by Personal Computer Spain), got some awards like BizSpark for the inSeCla search engine and Forum, etc..
After leaving his own company for more than 5 years (2003 - 2009) he purchased a license and became a taxi driver, while his skils and passion for the Cinema, along with some friends, let him to release Cinemartin in 2010 with the first uncompressed 1080p60 computer - recorder - monitor (Cinemartin SFV), after which became a series of transcoding software called "Cinec", were the first to encode to Prores on Windows, that software became so popular and many companies in the industry purchased that software (including, RED, Panasonic, as well as studios, broadcast and vfx companies all around the world)
So Alex, left the taxi (not sold through) and dedicate with Tony Hernandez (friends) to develop the plugins for AE and PR Cinec, then the noise removal DENOISER, as well as many other software (MYBD, HOID), etc..
The team expanded with Angelo Caravita (sales manager), Marc on Suppport and a few contributors including Jordi and Roger, Adams and 3rd party companies like MECTRAM (Jordi) to cite a few

More people joined the Team, and 2 asian companies became the partners / owners of Cinemartin, when they expanded to produce many devices like NEXT, TEO (TEODORED) and VENUS as the first HDR 1000 NIT monitor, then LOYAL LT as probably one of the world most sold 7inch 1080p HDMI monitor at 99€.
The team was involved in the video streaming software development as well as camera, with the release of FRAN 8K camera by end of 2018, world high resolution global shutter 8k camcorder.
However, people critic with the support the company provided and with the features of the camera, left the company in a difficult way to continue.. Cinemartin as of March 2019 announces will left the business by 1 of April 2019, while all the products sold will retain support until 1 of April of 2020.

What we learned

A lot, a lot from companies and a lot from people.


More than 1 thousand of customers, more than 10 thousand of contacts. About 10 years.

And whats now

Angelo return to its construction company, Tony and Alex continue as a taxi driver in Barcelona (Alex manage a small Mercedes fleet), to continue living the life as he can (dreaming..) nobody is anyone in our life unless your father is Alpacino or a president..
Alex may continue in the development, if some company take interest on his skills

contact: alex at cinemartin dot com if you want to give your support to the team or to contract development services (hardware, software, video streaming) or to say something to Alex, Tony, Angelo, Marc, Adams, Jordi or Roger.

Our thanks to. All media (redshark news, planet mitch, 4k shooters, cinema5d, newsshooters, italian press, nuestros amigos de la prensa Española que no busco la plata sino la divulgación de la informacuión), and to all the hundred of profesionals you've been there..

Thank you