the Cinemartin team

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Tools for Cinema, Video & Broadcast

SFV : Uncompressed 4:4:4 1080p60 portable video recorder

Since 2012 (last upg 201503) - Cinec : Windows film & video broadcast encoder

201404 - Plin : Adobe Premiere Exporter Plugin for ProRes & H.265

201405 - Hoid : Video Player for Android supporting H.265, h264, ProRes, Mxf, mp4, mkv and many more..

201409 - FLEC baseplate : Universal base plate for 15mm bars for dslr and camcorders, video and photo cameras accessories, adjustable height , width, available in Alu or FiberCarbon material, anodized rich tone finishes, starting at 99€

201409 - Video Denoiser : Windows standalone video denoise software, with 2 denoiser, outputs to prores, h264, h265 and more

201410 - MyBD Bluray converter : A software for backup your own blu-ray disc. First to support H265. Al in one tool including bd ripper, bd decrypter and converter.

201411 - Plin AE : After Effects Exporter Plugin for ProRes & H.265

201504 - NEXT : World first portable palmsize 4K recorder & computer (4K60P 10Bit, 420, 422, 444)

201505 - MyVD : World first youtube video downloader supporting 4K, H265, Multi-Batch processing and world first Multi-Threading, supporting to download multiple videos at multiple resolutions at same time at best quality/size

201606 - TEO : 5.69" QHD monitor + 4K 4:4:4 10 bit HDMI recorder + Live Streaming device + Intel Core SKylake computer in a compact form