• Eclipse - 1000 NIT Dual HDMI / SDI
    Triple Power

  • VENUS: 7" HDR High Brightness 10 Bit HDMI Aluminum Slim Monitor

  • FLEC: Baseplate

    for camera accesories

    289€ including shipping

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Looking for a Taxi Mercedes in Barcelona

Fran 8K, the world most high resolution camcorder is featured in a musical videoclip (by January 2019) on popular new metal band ILLUMENIUM

Mercedes Benz, class E Avantgarde and Class V AMG will be featured, thanks to the cooperation of the popular radio taxi mercedes barcelona service company. So if you are looking,si lo que buscas en un taxi de hasta 7 plazas en Barcelona, de la marca de la estrella plateada, visita http://taxi.mercedes.barcelona But if you want to rent a ferrari, ( alquilar ferrari ), this can be your, like all our products we produce, at affordable prices

Fastest, Pro and Easy Encoder Solutions

We have the fastest software solutions; for Studios, VFX, Editors and from large to small Companies, our extensive suite of software meets almost any need. From CPU based to GPU based, check out Cinec & Plin software as well as our NVIDIA P-Mod (PMod) plugin for Cinec.

Cinemartin Cinec is our popular and standalone world leading encoding software, Master Bundle packages includes the Plugins for Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects and NVIDIA P-Mod is a GPU plugin for Cinec.

4K/5K/6K Recorder Monitor Streamer Computer for RED

It record RAW (RED R3D) onto internal 1TB SSD Drive, External USB 3.0 drives and even on SD cards (Sandisk SDXC), for less than what a Mini-Mag 1TB drive cost, it give RED users 1TB plus the ability to record onto non RED mags to save thousands in media, also provides a 5.7 QHD (2560x1440 native res.) monitor built from a portable high tech computer, that allows for streaming, backups, dit, portable NLE, etc .. From 2.000 to 3.000€

External RED recorder

Absolute Standalone Denoiser

Cinemartin Denoiser was revolutionate the industry since it's launch back in 2014. An awesome and easy to use video denoiser that not need any third party mother app to run. It is a standard windows application. Reduces or deletes noise even on worse conditions.
Exports to Prores or H.265.
As low as 149.00 €

Video Denoiser

Meet the most compatible universal baseplate.

With Cinemartin FLEC you'll be able to fit almost any accessory to your camera: mattebox, folow focus, additional power, etc ..

Its design allows to move its position alogn the axis X or Y, providing compatibility with almost any accesory.

15mm camera baseplate

7 inch HDR High Brightness, maximum quality

Cinemartin VENUS is a 1000 NIT high quality profesional monitor with HDMI input and native 1920x1080 resolution.

It is the more affordable High Brightness monitor

High Brightness HDR monitor

5.7" HDMI + SDI + Assist Tools

Cinemartin Loyal is the new series of bright monitors with up to 600 NIT of luminanceat FullHD of native resolution.

Loyal features cross conversion between HDMI and SDI and viceversa, as well as Histogram, waveform, peak, false color, aspect ratio, audio vumeters audio jack input etc. for less than 500$

5 inch monitor (5.7 inch monitor)    7" inch hdmi sdi monitor

7 inch FHD 3840 x 2160p monitor

Cinemartin LOYAL LT are newest HDMI monitors with a contrast ratio up to 1200:1, up to 600 NIT cdm2, with HDMI in/out loop and assist tools.
The most cheap from all the Earth

The PRO on-budget monitor

4K monitor

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